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Combo of G1+ Papaya facewash 100ml + Nutriglow onion shampoo 300ml + Nutriglow onion oil 100ml

  • ₹599 30% OFF ₹860
  • Availability: Yes

Combo of G1+ Papaya facewash 100ml + Nutriglow onion shampoo 300ml + Nutriglow onion oil 100mlG1+ Papaya facewash 100ml Papaya  Anti Blemish Whitening facewash fights pimples & marks for clear skinNUTRIGLOW NATURAL'S ONION HAIR SHAMPOO/ANTI DANDRUFF/ANTI HAIR FALL/DEEP NOURISHMENT/ 300ML·         This Pack Contain : Pack Of 1 Hai..

Tags: Combo of G1+ Papaya facewash 100ml + Nutriglow onion shampoo 300ml + Nutriglow onion oil 100ml, Combo of Facial Detox white facial kit (box of 12) and Fairness facewash 120gm (free), Combo products, Lume by Paragon Beauty Garden Detox White 7 step Single Usage Skin Care Facial Kit, Clean up The Tan 5 Step Single Usage Facial Kit, (For Combination Oily Skin), Clean up The Tan 5, FACIAL KITS, LUME PARAGON PRODUCTS

Combo of G1+ Papaya facewash 100ml + Nutriglow onion shampoo 300ml + Nutriglow onion oil 100ml

G1+ Papaya facewash 100ml 

Papaya  Anti Blemish Whitening facewash fights pimples & marks for clear skin


·         This Pack Contain : Pack Of 1 Hair Shampoo 300ml

·         Hair Fall Defense System that Repairs Hair Follicles- NutriGlow onion hair shampoo is crafted with the richness of onion                seed oil that repairs flawed follicles & empower hair roots singlehandedly. The inclusion of Redensyl & Argan Oil                            purposefully pampers split ends of hair making them free from dryness & brittleness.

·         Rooted Nourishment for Healthy Hair & Scalp- Deep-rooted nourishment is the foundation of healthy & strong growing hair.            Onion seed oil in this shampoo goes deep into the scalp & energizes sleepy cells to increase the production of gorgeous                 hair fibres. It deeply penetrates hair strands & adds healthy shine for healthy styling of your soft & beautiful hair.

·         Onion Protection & Reconstruction of Sun-Damaged Hair- Intelligently designed to defend damaged hair due to                              contaminated environment & bitter UV radiation. It develops an onion protection layer around & works wonders on hair that            is  exposed to harmful sun rays. Our onion product along with Jojoba Oil combats hair damage transforming them                          into a natural charm with elongated roots that will surely define your look.

·         24/7 Style Hold & Onion Treatment for Silky, Long & Strong Hair- Our transcendent anti-dandruff onion shampoo maintains            the hydration level of hair fibres & scalp round the clock. This transforms the texture of hair to a beautified state that helps              in restoring fragile hair. The encompassed affluence of onion & essential oils prevents hair thinning, promotes hair radiance           & leaves hair shiny, strong, protected & healthy-looking.


·         Deeply Nourishes Scalp : This onion hair oil goes deep into the scalp tissues & pulls all the impurities out to keep your hair             fresh every time.

·         Rough & Dry Hair : It softens & improves the texture of dry, rough & powerless hair. Also, it effectively goes between the                hair curls & makes them fluffy, bouncy & vibrant.

·         Solution For Healthy Hair : This onion hair oil strands help the volume of hair and improves the overall appearance & will                add a style to your personality.

·         Onion Seed Oil : . Our onion hair oil contains purely extracted onion seed oil that rejuvenates the brassiness of hair,                      stimulates healthy hair & balances the natural oil on the scalp.

·         Essential Oils : It softens, conditions & increases the natural shine of the hair fibers. Keeping scalp nourished & hydrated .

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